April 6, 2020

Best practices of CCTV for implementing the video security systems

By Scott

This CCTV Buyers Guide Provides an extensive summary of deploying a video surveillance camera program in residence or your business. This guide includes information to aid in the design of your video surveillance system, pick the products that best match your CCTV system demands, and make key installation decisions which will save you time and money. The information was derived from deploying 100’s of CCTV systems and accumulated from CCTV call centers who answer inquiries from residential and commercial clients. This manual combines the data from previous CTV jobs and gives the reader a head-start in the successful CCTV project there are many details when specifying the CCTV Camera System to take into account. A budget ought to be outlined and professional Video Surveillance is not a cheap endeavor and the best system ought to be considered. In reviewing camera and recording system to their CCTV and Video surveillance requirements this guide will assist the novice CCTV purchaser.

The first task in a Project that is successful is to outline the CCTV objectives.

  • How many cameras are required?
  • What is the FoV Field of Views?
  • What are the recording requirements?
  • What are the Lighting requirements of each camera location?

Where do I want live o A video that is second or monitoring monitor?

Cameras There are Depending on lighting requirements, the FoV, and the camera’s location. There is absolutely not any such thing as a one-size fits all in the CCTV project that is successful. It is important to notice each camera location and decide on the camera.

Answer these questions:

  • Outdoor or Indoor?
  • Lighting conditions during day and night?
  • Mounting locations?

Indoor Dome Camera

The dome camera is used in 90 percent of applications. It comes in many different configurations such as Day/Night, color, and versions. It can be mounted on a vertical or horizontal surface however is ceiling mounted. Lens choices on dome camera can restrict their use in time attendance system requiring more than a lens that is 20mm. Dome cameras are a choice in camera places.

Box Camera

There is a box camera a Camera which can be mounted in an enclosure or independently. The box camera uses another lens that provides flexibility and screws on to the surface and can be sold without a lens. A lens will have a cable which connects to the camera for control in various lighting conditions.

Outdoor Dome Cameras

Outdoor Dome Cameras are typically. Dome cameras are common in applications which have exit and entrance points with lighting throughout the evening.

Day/Night Camera

The Day/Night camera is the best alternative for low-light conditions. The cameras are color during daylight conditions, the Day/Night camera switches digitally of automatically to a mode.