can i have lactation cookies while pregnant
November 18, 2021

Lactation Cookies While Parenting? Something That You Need To Know

By Scott

If you are blessed with pregnancy and wondering about what you should be eating and what not and your google searches are filled with “Can I Have Lactation Cookies While Pregnant,” then bear with us, we will guide you.

Mothers often complain that they do not get much lactose in their mammary glands to feed the child. This creates a problem for both, the baby and the mother. The fact is, lactation cookies can be taken during pregnancy but only to a limit. Moreover, it must be healthy for you. It must not contain yeast.

Points To Remember

  1. You must ensure that the cookie is healthy and made with complete precaution and safety. It must be tried and tested.
  2. Though there are no such harsh criteria about the intake of the cookies, you can consume around 2-3 pieces daily.
  3. Ask your doctor about the substance that can harm you and what can not. Take only those which are suitable for your body.
  4. You can start the consumption from the day of delivery till any day that you would like. It also depends on the body of the mother.


It comes majorly in three flavors- Basic, Nutty, and Australian Milo Cookies. 


If you are searching for the answer to the question “can i have lactation cookies while pregnant,” then the answer is yes, but with terms and conditions. It is healthy to take lactation cookies during pregnancy but they must not contain yeast and similar things. Otherwise, it is a green flag.